The students from National College of Computer Sciences have new friends abroad, this time from Bulgaria, Germany,Greece and Turkey, having a common goal: solving an environmental problem. SOS Water is the cry for help of the youth; their common aim is to save and improve the quality of water in the schools and the local communities of this multilateral Comenius partnership.

The WATER SOS project has already began and the first step was a graphics competition between the students of the partner schools, in order to design the logo of the project. The winner was Virgil Barcan, a student of the National College of Computer Sciences. Another team of CNI seniors (XII and XI graders): Dan Constantin, Alexandru Ionut Lupuleasa, Timofte Michael Bogdan, Macovei Petrisor Cladiu and  Diana Turnea are working on the project’s web page format, which you can soon visit here:

Between the 10 – 20 of October 2011, over 150 students became members of the H2O Club, the club of the project which aims  to achieve the main activities of the project with the help of the students and the implementation team: Prof. Maria Berea, Prof. Raluca Ciocan, Prof. Taina Grigoriu , Prof. Elena Irimia Genoveva, Prof. George Manolache, Prof. Mariana Mindru and Prof. Constantin Paval.