The preservation of the Intensive Information Technology profile

• The Information Technology High School in Piatra-Neamt is the only unit which has intensive mathematics-informatics profile in the whole count, which is why pupils all over the county come here, the heft being represented by pupils from general school with prestige all over Piatra-Neamt.
• Since 1990, when the high school was founded, the profile has been a theoretical one with specialization in intensive mathematics-informatics.
• The secondary school classes beginning with 1999 are the result of the increased number of formal requests addressed by parents to the school board of the high school. Pupils in these classes who have great results in learning are willing to attend courses held by the best teachers from the high school: and to become accustomed with informatics by learning to use the computers provided by the high school.
Today, the high school is host to 25 public school classes and 4 secondary school classes.
• The educational system promoted in this school targets raising effectiveness of the learning process, providing a positive motivation, increasing the pupil’s interest in professional counseling, the systematizing of the learning process bounding education with various practical life aspects, the collaboration with the local community, the development of the material and educational resources of the high school, the increasing of school performances.

Centre/base for initial and/or continuous training of teaching staff, pedagogical practice of students, the improving courses for teachers

• In the Information Technology High School work teachers involved in guiding and controlling activities cooperating with the School Inspectorate from the County of Neamt, assigned as it follows:
o 11 teacher trainers;
o 10 teacher trainers at national level;
o 5 mentors (tutors) for students that practice;
o 8 teachers in charge with the methodical commissions;
o 4 teachers in charge with the pedagogical domain.
• The high school is a permanent centre for the baccalaureate exam, for Olympics and educational contests (informatics, physics, geography), which organizes activities for initial and continuous formation of the teachers, headmasters and secretaries from schools and high schools from the town. The Information Technology High School hosts, beginning with year 2000, the county centre of computerized admissions of pupils that have graduated the primary school into high schools and professional schools.



1) The logistics of the Information Technology High School in Piatra-Neamt consists of:
• two buildings for the teaching process;
• the gym;
• the hostel;
• the canteen;
• the sports ground and the school yard;
• an automobile “Dacia”.
The High School Building
– was built in 1969.
– the total area is 540 m2, and the spread area is 1580 m2.
– concrete foundation, brick walls, aluminium roof.
– is made up of three level:
o the secretariat
o the book-keeping office
o the library
o the teacher’s room
o 2 labs (physics and chemistry)
o 3 rooms enclosed to the labs
o 2 stores for the school supplies
o 2 stores for the materials
o smoker’s room
The labs building
– was built in 1977.
– the total area is 578 m2 and the spread area is 1734 m2.
– concrete foundation, brick walls, aluminium roof.
– is made up of three levels and semibasement:
o at the semibasement: 3 workshops for maintenance, 1 locker room and 2 sanitary groups
o at the ground floor: 3 classrooms, 1 electric workshop, 1 storehouse, a cellar for the materials, 1 sanitary group
o at the first level: 3 computer labs, 1 ROEDUNET center, 2 offices and a sanitary group
o at the second level: 3 computer labs, 2 offices and a sanitary group.
The gymnasium
– was built in 1977.
– total area: 768 m2.
– concrete foundation, brick walls.
– consists of:
o the gym hall
o 1 storehouse for the materials
o 1 office for the teachers
o 1 cellar for the equipment
o 2 WC’s (boys and girls) with showers and locker rooms.
Boarding school
– year of construction – 1976
– total built surface is 1998 m2
– concrete foundation, brick walls, painted roof covered with aluminium plate
– it contains 3 floors:
o 38 rooms
o 6 meditation rooms
o 5 WC’s
o 3 showers
o 1 medical office
o 1 student club
o 1 overseer room
o 1 administrator room
o 1 storage room
– year of construction – 1976
– total build surface is 740 m2
– concrete foundation, brick walls it contains:
o storage rooms
o canteen
o saloon
o 2 halls
o 2 WC’s
o 2 cellars
o 1 freezing room
o 1 pantry
o 3 basements
o 1 official room
o 1 employers lasher room
o at semiground is the washing room
Sport field
– total built surface is 105 m2
– it contains:
o 1 handball field
o 1 athletic track
o 1 jumping hall
The yard
– total built surface is 20660 m2
– surrounded with from fence; wire net
Materials and learning tools
– furniture
– computers
o 86 computers
o 6 computer network having the AEL platform installed and functional
– printers: 7 pieces
– color TV: 6 pieces
– 1 CD player station
– Xerox: 4 pieces
– Scanners: 2 pieces
– 2 amplifying stations with speakers
– 2 faxes
– 1 video-projector
– 4 servers
– 1 digital camera
– 1 laptop
– 1 phone station
– 1 universal machine of type MUT for carpentry
– 1 abric
– 1 circular
– 2 universal lathes
– 2 electrical grinders
– foto laboratories

2) We don’t use the material base of other school units more other units use our own.

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