Dear Colleagues,

          It has already become a tradition for us, the teachers of The National College of Computer Science from Piatra Neamt, to celebrate each year The Days of the College by organising The International Festival of Mathematics and Information Technology.

          This year’s edition, which will take place on 26th-31th of January 2010, is expected to be the centre of an extended international participation.

          Students and teachers from 10 European countries will be invited at the Festival: Bulgaria (Sofia), Estonia, Lithuania (Kaunas), Germany, The Republic of Moldova (Chisinau), Poland (Chorzow), Slovacia ( Trencin), Spain (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Sweden (Udevalla), Turkey(Istanbul), Ukraine (Kiev) as well as Romania (Piatra Neamt, Roman, Bacau, Focsani, Galati, Vaslui, Iasi, Botosani and Suceava).

          During The International Festival of Mathematics and Information Technology a series of events will be organized:
1. The Mathematics Competition,
2. The Information Technology Competition and
3. The International Conference of Scientific and Methodological Papers.
The Mathematics Competition includes an individual contest dedicated to the students belonging to VII-XII grades.
           The Information Technology Competition includes a contest of general software design and one for educational software design.
          The International Conference of Scientific and Methodological Papers is dedicated to teachers of various subjects who are expected to present papers about the implementation of IT and media techniques in the teaching-learning process.

          In order to achieve our goals, we invite the colleagues who express their wish to participate in our conference to a real exchange of expertise in the creation of original didactic materials that could be presented in the form of self-created educational software.

          We cordially invite you to take part in The International Festival of Mathematics and Information Technology with a group of maximum 12 students (grades VII-XII), accompanied by two teachers.

          The guests, both teachers and students, will receive accommodation at the students’ hostel of The National College of Computer Science, 12 Mihai Viteazu Street, Piatra Neamt, Romania.
The meals and accommodation are free for all the guests, being financially supported by the organizers.

          We also provide you with further details regarding the regulations of each contest and of the conference.
We kindly invite you to fill in the forms for your participation by mentioning the competition (Mathematics and/or Information Technology) in which your students will participate.

          The teachers who want to participate at the Conference of Scientifical and Methodological Papers are asked to fill in the registration form attached.
We are available at any time to give you information regarding means of transport to Romania.

          The addresses are included in the set of rules that we send.

          We look forward to the confirmation of your participation until January 7, 2010.

          Best regards,
          Elena Genoveva Irimia
          Head-Teacher of The National college of Computer Science
          Piatra Neamt

Letter of Invitation
Festival programme
REGISTRATION FORM Students'contests
The Information Technology Contest
The Mathematics Contest
The International conference of Scientifical and Methodological Papers


          For three years the talented students of the National College of Informatics have had the opportunity to share their ideas, works in the literary group “Glimpses”. On the 16th of December 2008 the group “Glimpses” awarded its winners: Prose: 5th grade, First prize- Emanuel Tanase, Madalin Zaharescu, Second prize -Antonio Salaru, Third prize- Roxana Maxim; 6th  grade: First prize - Claudiu Neculau; Poetry: 8th grade: Flavian Rosu; Prose: 9th grade  First prize: Ana Andreea Caescu, Paul Stolniceanu, Poetry: First prize - Ioana Cucuruz, Second prize - Georgiana Ploscaru, Third prize - Camelia Marina Gligas; Poetry: 11th grade: Diana Zemlicof; 12th grade-  First prize - Madalina Folvaiter, Second prize - Andreea Todirica, Third prize - Adelina Andrica. The contest was organised by the members of the Romanian language department, coordinated by Mrs. Iulia Costan.
On the 16th of December 2008 the Organic Chemistry Contest was organized by Mrs. Tudorita Guzgan who challenged the students of the 11th  grades to enter the competition to show their skills in identifying chemical reactions; the main objective of this contest was to check if the students know the names of the organic compounds.
On the 17th of December 2008 at 3 o’clock in the Multimedia Laboratory there was a methodological and scientific communication session, called “Quality in education - a European challenge” 18 teachers participated in this meeting (some of them having a doctorate or studying to get one ). The purpose of this meeting was to stimulate creativity and innovation in teaching, the use of new methods, strategies. All the papers which participated in the session were published in an auxiliary on teaching practices recognized by the National Library. Also, the most popular works will be posted the CNI website.
- on the 17th  of December 2008  the National College of Informatics hosted an interdisciplinary contest organised by the physics teachers Diana Bejan, Laura Chertic, Carmen Florescu, the biology teachers Taina Grigoriu and Alina Sauciuc, and the chemistry teachers Tudorita Guzgan, Mariana Fronea  and Cornelia Iordan. 24 students from the 9-12 grades entered in the contest, they were organised in 6 groups. The contest had 2 parts: a theoretical test with questions from physics, chemistry and biology and the second part of the test was a practical one where they had to use their knowledge and imagination to create mini house projects in extreme conditions. Photo gallery here
- on the 17th  of December 2008  for the Days of the National College of Informatics, Mrs. Iulia Costan and the students of the 9th A, decided to revive the Romanian Traditions. They answered some of the questions we had on the project.

          Reporter: What made you go back in time?
         Ioana Cucuruz: Our teacher Mrs. Iulia Costan came up with this idea of doing a sketch and we agreed because we are really proud of our ancestors. We left the need to show everybody our roots.
          Reporter: How do you feel when you act?
          Catalina Mihaila: I am very happy and proud to be able to say those words. I must say that I discovered a lot of beautiful things about the village, that way of life, the archetypal space. When I act, I feel proud to be Romanian and part of a nation with an original mentality.
          Reporter: What is your message?

9 A: We want to attract more young people, to convince them to respect the true spiritual values and also to understand the mentality of our ancestors.

THE "BÎNDILĂ" CUP was organised in the memory of our former colleague Bogdan Petru Bîndilă who dreamt about becoming a professional football player for an important European team. Bogdan played central defender position, and sometimes he was side defender.
The competition was held in October 2007. The entry fee for each team was 25 RON, and on the 17th of October the day entries ended, 17 teams were ready to fight in the cup.
We had 4 cups with and 4 qualified teams, and the rest of the teams were drawn, so each group had 4 teams. One of the groups had 5 teams because no team should be excluded. Each team met the others in its group home and for a victory they won 3 points, for a match 1 point and for defeat 0 points. The first 2 teams from each group qualified in the final tournament. The hardest part started from the quarter-finals onwards because if you lost you were out.
From the 8 teams only 4 were left in the quarter-finals: 12th E, 11th A, 12th D and 10th D.
In the first semi-final we had the 12th E and 11th A. The final score was 4-2 so the 12th E won, and they qualified in the final.
In the second semi-final we had 12th D and 10th D. The final score was 1-2 so the 10th D won, and they qualified in the final.
Wednesday the 24th of October 2008- was the day of the Final for the “BÎNDILĂ” Cup.
These are the grades that participated in this memorial cup: 7th A, 9th A, 9th B, 9th D, 9th G, 10th A, 10th C, 10th D, 10th E, 11th A, 11th C, 11th D, 12th A, 12th B, 12th D, 12th E and 12th F.
All the teams were awarded Participation diplomas, and the 3 winners received cups, footballs and money.
The best goal keeper: Florea Andrei
The best forward: Pricop Marius
The best defender: Paiu Andrei.           
Bogdan Bîndilă played as defender for the club OLIMPIA. We will never forget you.


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