The National College of Computer Science is the only school in Romania selected to take part in the Microsoft Showcase School Program. After five years of hard work in the partnership with Microsoft, we managed to be recognized as leaders in the field of global education. We were selected this November as a Showcase School, joining up to 150 elite schools across 75 countries.

          Anthony Salcito, Vice President in the Worldwide Public Sector of Education from Microsoft Corporation, congratulated the team of The National College of Computer Science: “I personally commend you and your team for your excellence in transforming your learning environment to deliver more personalized education to students, using mobile and cloud technology to better prepare students for success in the workplace”. 

          Similarly, Mary Meucci congratulated us: “Welcome to the Microsoft Showcase School Program! Again, congratulations on your selection to join this incredible global community of elite schools.”

          In this way, Microsoft celebrated our efforts, not just through this selection process, but in recognition of all the work we have put in to make learning an engaging and personalized experience for students and educators in our school. Our work is appreciated as inspiring, and we are, thus, encouraged to leverage our participation in this program. We must continue to innovate, share our ideas globally, and most importantly, support other schools in our country to improve learning and student outcomes through technology.