“Education for excellence in a virtual learning environment”



Innovation, the explosion of information generated by the use of the internet, the almost unlimited communication through computerised socialising networks and the unprecedented development of new technologies are the signs of a profound transformation at the level of the entire civilisation. This is transposed into a challenge addressed to the educational environment. Centred once around teachers, at other times around students, the educational act is nowadays addressed to all in equal measure, in the form of learning throughout the entire life.

This year’s edition of the international methodological and scientific communication session “Vasile ?ifui Memorial” promotes, in the above-mentioned context, the transfer of innovation from and towards the formal environment and the non-formal environment, vertically. The session may be a good opportunity to exchange experience regarding various aspects of the use of IT means in education and to discuss important elements of curriculum adjustments, for all the participants involved in it – pupils, students, high school and university teachers, specialists from the Ministry of  Education and trainers from software-producing companies.



The main objective is the vertical transfer of innovation, from non-formal to formal environments using IT technologies.


Specific Objectives

  • The fostering of excellence in the study of computer science and mathematics;
  • The stimulation and motivation of students who are capable of school performance;
  • The involvement of students and teachers in the development of creativity and innovation in scientific areas;
  • The achievement of e-learning, which will ensure accumulation of knowledge throughout life, through an enduring development of education in a European context.


Discussion Themes

  • The virtual learning environment;
  • Active-participatory methods applied in educational activities;
  • The use of Information and Communication Technology (ITC) in classes, in other fields than computer science;
  • Computerized communication means and techniques;
  • Raising the level of performance in the educational act through access to information and the use of e-learning platforms;
  • The use of IT means with the purpose of developing scientific thinking in areas connected with computer science;
  • The creation of didactic materials which can be used in the training process;
  • The creation of innovative environments in education, by means of information and communication technologies, in order to design interdisciplinary lessons;
  • The encouragement of innovation in the teaching-learning process;
  • The creation of formative, motivational training contexts with the purpose of ensuring excellence in education;
  • The exchange of good practices for attaining high standards in the methodological and scientific activity, based on competences with performance indicators;
  • Models of cross-curricular lessons designed by means of new IT technologies.



This year’s edition of the international methodological and scientific communication “Vasile ?ifui Memorial” will take place the form of a debate session.
The persons who are interested may be registered as speakers or as participants in the debates.
As a speaker, the person will deliver a speech, previously elaborated and printed on 1-3 pages, in A4 paper type (font Times New Roman, size 12).
As a participant in the debates, each person will support their opinions freely, approaching the themes suggested by the speakers.
For participation, each candidate will fill in the registering form on the site to, section Festival.

Registration Form – International Methodological and Scientific Communication Session
“Vasile Ţifui Memorial”