We are inviting you to participate in the 6th edition of “Youngsters Today Entrepreneurs Tomorrow” competition, registered in The Calendar of National Extra-curricular Activities 2016,   at the Ministry of National Education.
This event will be taking place on 11-12 December 2017 and it pursues the development of vocational qualifications, empowering youngsters to build their vocational route, training teachers in approaching entrepreneurship from an educational perspective and encouraging the formation of an entrepreneurial culture.
The participation consists of:
1. direct presentation (product presentation at the stand and business plan presentation in front of the jury).
2. indirect presentation (the team sends the electronic format of the business plan presentation , including a max 5 minute video in which the team presents the business/product).
3. online presentation (the team makes online contact with the jury and presents the product/business in max 4 min).   
The evaluation is done separately for each type of participation (with diferent juries)!
Keep in mind the time limit of the presentation!
Only products defined by authenticity, novelty and practical applicability will be selected. The information sent at the specified adress, will be filled in the diploma correctly. Phone numbers are required for communication and the final report on the competition.
The registration form and bussiness plans must be sent at the following email adress: cta.cni2016@gmail.com.
The APPLICATION FORM for competition are found here
The BUSSINESS PLAN MODEL for competition are found here
The Event Agenda for competition are found here
The PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT for competition are found here
Sign-up deadline 03.12.2017.
Partial and final results will be posted on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ clubultinerilorantreprenori.